Action Plan







School Enhancement


Plant daffodils in school grounds.







This was a thoroughly enjoyable whole school experience.

Maintenance & enhancement of school & grounds is ongoing by all children

A feeding station to be established



Feeding station replenished regularly by senior pupil assisted by an infant. Children enjoy observing birds all year round.


Set flowers in pots.

Spring & early summer 2011

This is a nice welcome for visitors.


Prepare the organic garden.

Mar/Apr/May 2011



Biodegradable matter for compost.

Collected daily


Bin located in each room. Senior pupils responsible for collection (assisted by a junior).


Careful management of paper. Use of special dedicated paper bins.

April 2010

This is improving all the time. Both staff & children are now far more aware of what can be recycled and what we can prevent going to landfill.


Teachers making effort to photocopy on both sides of page when possible.


Excellent work in relation to paper recycling.


Parents now receive notes through the text a parent service.



This has been hugely successful and reduced a great deal of paper waste


Collection points for batteries and paper. Ensure everyone knows where they are. Empty regularly.


Battery recycling increasing as time goes by


Use of recycled materials for art and craft, music etc. some materials are gathered by children. A special recycle bin located in Art Room the rest is obtained in the Resource Centre


Recyclable materials used for costumes & props in Christmas play as well as St. Brigid & sea display. Homemade musical instruments created using recyclable materials.





A section of our school website dedicated to green schools.


Green schools notice board established.





Est. Oct. 2010

Proved very successful. Children are accessing it at home thus informing family/friends etc.
Keeping the school community up to date.



Day of Action

Litter – target 5 areas around the school.


Very successful Day. The Children enjoyed themselves and learned a lot in the process.


Tidy classrooms award




Recycling – a trip to the local clothes bank.




Make musical instruments using recyclable materials



Plant flowers in pots – to enhance the school environment




Document the activities




Upload to school website.


see here..:-)